The Tactical Accountability Squad
The Tactical Accountability Squad
Marc Hildebrand

Welcome to The Tactical Accountability Squad

Empowering leaders to excel in business and family life.

About Me

I'm Marc Hildebrand, a husband, father, life coach, best selling author, creator of the IDEAL Leader Blueprint, and former Law Enforcement Sergeant from LAPD who grappled through leadership struggles for decades.  After discovering what was truly holding me back I was able to lead myself to a 100 pound weight loss, grow a business I love, leave my full-time job as a police officer, and create a home and work life more aligned with the LEGACY I wanted to create.  It's my passion to now help others excel in business & family life, after I screwed it up for so long. 

We believe you don’t have to sacrifice one area of your life in order to succeed in business, and if you believe the same, you're in the right place.  Thank you for being here. The world needs more family-centered business owners like you!

Why You Should Join Me

Whenever I've succeeded in life it's because of the people that I surrounded myself with.  They pulled me up to their level, and I pulled them up too.  Something amazing happens when you see others owning their priorities AND still showing up personally and professionally.  It shows you what's possible, and gives you the push to make it happen for yourself. That's the purpose of this team, and what we will help you achieve too.